Yoshiharu Hasegawa, Bamboo Products Maker   長谷川義春 竹職人


Yoshiharu Hasegawa

Born in Yaotsu-city, Gifu Pref, Japan in 1943.



岐阜県八百津市 出身


 My father was sent out as an apprentice and acquired the skills for making bamboo products.  I followed my father’s examples and learned the skills: “As the old cock crows, the young cock learns.”  I took over “Takezen Shoten”, a bamboo product making business founded by my father in 1951.
 Bamboo has an advantage of being a natural material.  It changes color naturally as time goes by.  I would like to convey the deep colors in my products. 
Bamboo has a characteristic difficulty of workmanship.  As there are not the same lengths between two bamboo joints in one bamboo shoot, we sometimes have to waste the bamboo.  To overcome this, making many products, in our experience, is the most important.  I myself still make a lot of products as I hand down my skills to my son.
In principal, we do not dig bamboo to make products between March and August.   During these growing seasons, bamboo can easily be damaged by insects, and would not be durable. I have been stubborn to hold by that principal.  If you want green bamboo products in spring, I may ask you for a later delivery time. (Black bamboo and normal color bamboo are no problem.)
I cherish my uncompromising stance.  I try to make a product which has my own originality and ingenuity.

 I usually make bamboo fences for houses, but I also make a lot of different kinds of products; giant bamboo fences, sake pots for Japanese weddings, green bamboo chopsticks and green bamboo altars for Japanese funerals.








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